Can't find something to wear? - Personal Color Analysis

I've been where you are.

Standing in my closet full of clothes, and feeling like I had nothing to wear. I just didn't feel like myself in most of my clothes and felt overwhelmed by shopping because I was lost when it comes to what colors will look best on me (especially after I stopped coloring my hair)!

Maybe this feels familiar

Maybe some of what I was feeling resonates with you too: 

  • Wasting A LOT of time and money – overwhelmed by shopping because I am lost when it comes to what colors will look best on me (especially after I stopped coloring my hair)!

  • Following seasonal color and fashion trends that feel awkward and inauthentic.

  • Wasting money on makeup that makes me look too orange, pale or too something!

  • Slightly envious (ok, maybe flat out jealous) of women who always look so effortlessly put together.

  • Wishing God had given me this eye color, or that color hair.

PCA was a wonderful experience for me. I had never realized how color made such an impact, not only in the personal view of myself but also in how God has created us all so uniquely. To say it simply…it felt good to see harmony in my perfect coloring and embrace my natural God-given beauty. It was an absolute pleasure to work with CanDe, she has such passion for this work and it shows through and through.  I would highly recommend this experience to men and women alike.

Becky V

Mom and Hair Stylist

But it can be so much simpler and fun to get ready

Fast forward to today – I now have the right colors to simplify shopping, getting dressed, and so much more.

I have a perfectly coordinated closet, and I know whatever I put together will look lovely on me.

Shopping for clothes, and accessories now is not only simple but fun! I can immediately identify what colors will be perfect for me thanks to my personal swatch book of colors (worth its weight in gold)

Trends? I now have the confidence to choose only the styles & colors, that still allow me to feel like me.

I have a perfectly curated drawer of simple and fun makeup.

I regularly receive compliments on how put together I look. (please don’t be jealous – it really is effortless when you know your colors!)

I genuinely do love my beautiful gray crown of glory & the beautiful green eyes that God so perfectly harmonized to go with it!

And now I can help you get here too!

Image Consultant for Michigan
What's included

Color Analysis

  • Introduction of the science and history of personal color theory and the TCI 12-Tone color analysis methodology

  • Comprehensive Personal Color Analysis session using professionally calibrated True Colour International Drapes

  • Discovery of your personal color palette

  • Guidance on how to apply the colors in your personal color palette to fashion, makeup, jewelry, hair color, etc.

  • Portrait photo in your most memorable drape

  • Overview of your personal color tone and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe with clothing, accessories, jewelry, etc., using your swatch book.


  • An archival-quality canvas swatch book color tool and a carrying case with your 65+ perfect colors - the largest and most accurate personal color tool in the world ($95 value from True Color International)

  • Customized packet in your personal color tone that includes a pocket shopping guide, and a workbook, to help get you started on your color journey.

Post analysis care

  • PDFs including a written explanation of your color palette and guide to using your color swatch book

  • A digital version of your swatch book

  • Pinterest boards for your color palette, including hair, makeup, clothing, interiors, and more!

  • A free 30-day trial of True Colour Match App


Please allow for an additional 20-minutes per add-on and per person.

  • Practice color swatching/ harmonizing with your makeup bag and up to 10 of your favorite items, such as garments, accessories, jewelry, etc. ($15/person)

  • Makeup application using basic products in your best colors to help you achieve that perfect five-minute face. ($25/person)

  • Hair color swatching and recommendations for applying your new color harmony to your hair. We will go over basic hair color terminology to confidently communicate your new hair color goals with your stylist. ($15/person)


Read through some of our commonly asked questions about Color Harmony and Personal Color Analysis.

How long does an appointment last?

Depending on which option you choose, most appointments are 2-3 hours.

Who is PCA for?

The principles of PCA apply to everyone, male or female, of all ages, however, some children could find the process tiresome to sit through. Let’s chat before scheduling an appointment for a child to assure the most enjoyable and thorough experience for them.

Do your colors change as you age?

As we age our hair color may naturally get lighter/darker, but our skin tone remains the same and our coloring remains in harmony. Since our seasonal color tone remains the same throughout our life,  PCA is an investment that lasts a lifetime.

Does PCA have to be done in person?

Yes! An in-person analysis is the most accurate for several reasons. Even with the amazing technology we have, cameras, monitors, and screens do not render colors accurately. Using a neutral environment with full-spectrum lighting, we eliminate any inaccurate color effects. Besides, seeing for yourself the optical illusions during the compare/contrast process is not only illuminating, but it’s also fun!

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! It is always more fun to experience this process with a friend. However, I have found that more than 1 or 2 can be distracting, and it is important that you are able to fully enjoy and understand the process.

Still have questions?

Please reach out - I would love to tell you more about Personal Color Analysis and its vast benefits.