Do you have closet decision fatigue?

Express your true-self with the help of color harmony. Confidently pick outfits, makeup, and so much more by learning what colors help you shine both outwardly and on the inside.  

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Confidently show-up no matter what season of life you are in.

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew exactly what colors and styles would look best on you when you walk into a store? Or have a closet and makeup color palette that made you feel beautiful everyday? Many of us struggle with seeing our God-given natural beauty!

That's where I come in! I am passionate about helping you embrace your natural beauty, and the colors you wear can play a significant role in that journey. I'm here to help you discover your unique color harmony, express your natural beauty, and have the God-confidence to live out who you were created to be.

"Color analysis is such a gift! CanDe is an expert in color theory and an advocate for letting your natural beauty shine from the inside out. "

Kelsie L.

Young Professional

what to expect

discover your color harmony

Using the 12-tone TCI Method, a color analysis system based on color science, accurate interpretation of the Munsell color system, full-spectrum light, and the science of natural color harmony, we are able to discover the color palette that is balanced and most harmonious with your personal coloring. 



I will walk you through a comprehensive personal color analysis session using professionally calibrated color drapes.



A comprehensive color analysis with the addition of makeup, hair color, and accessorizing advice based on your analysis.



Once we discover your color harmony, I can help you discover new ways to express your natural beauty by incorporating your color palette into your everyday life.

Hi, I'm cande your personal color consultant.

I understand the challenges women of all ages and backgrounds face when it comes to feeling confident and comfortable in their skin. That's why my hope and prayer is to show every girl, young mother, busy professional, and aging grandmother the power of discovering your color harmony, which can help you express your natural beauty and feel confident in who you are, just as  you were created to be by God!

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