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Color harmony for women in all seasons of life.

Many of us struggle with seeing our God-given natural beauty! That lack of confidence can hold us back from using our gifts and talents to fulfill His purposes for our lives. My journey to becoming a Personal Color Analyst has been long and winding, full of ups and downs. From the little girl who loved all things “pretty” to the awkward, teenager to the tired (but oh so very blessed) stay-at-home-mom, as the owner of a large salon & day spa, to the graying grandma, I have always struggled with insecurity.

When I had my daughter, I tried my best to instill in her more than just self-confidence. I wanted her confidence to come from knowing that her beauty and worth are firmly rooted in who God says she is – created in His image,  fearfully and wonderfully made, altogether beautiful, God’s masterpiece, and so very loved by her Creator!

My journey with color harmony

Who knew that something as simple as personal color analysis could have had such a profound effect on me? But after I discovered the color palette that harmonizes with my unique color, it changed how I saw myself, spoke to myself, and gave me what I like to refer to as God-confidence (not confidence in myself but in the God who created me).  

And that confidence propelled me to use my gifts/talents and my heart for helping others, to become a certified Personal Color Analyst. My hope and prayer is to help others discover their unique color harmony, express their natural beauty, and have the God-confidence to live out who they were created to be.

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our values

What arabella color values

It is my hope and prayer through personal color analysis to demonstrate to every girl, young mama, busy professional, and graying grandma that by discovering your unique color harmony, more fully express your natural beauty and have the God-confidence to live out who you were created to be!

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Always show kindness – every women has their own unique struggles. Gentleness & kindness are highly regarded throughout the process.

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Help women in all seasons of life get ready for the day effortlessly. Make shopping for make-up to clothing feel effortless through Personal Color Analysis.

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Help women find joy in their natural and true God given beauty. Our goal is to help you feel beautiful the way God created you - through color harmony.

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Color harmony

What is personal color analysis?

Personal Color Analysis is the process of identifying the color palette that is most harmonious with our unique coloring. The colors that makeup who you are-your skin, hair, & eyes, are already in perfect harmony because they all share qualities of color that are in balance with each other.

Using the 12-tone TCI Method, a color analysis system based on color science, accurate interpretation of the Munsell color system, full-spectrum light, and the science of natural color harmony, we are able to discover the color palette that is balanced and most harmonious with your personal coloring.

Color speaks louder than words.

“Color is a language to which we all respond. Color exerts a powerful impact on the mood of those around you; it is the one characteristic that determines a viewer’s first impression more than any other aspect of your attire. It can alter your appearance and mood and thereby the reception you receive from others. Used correctly, color can make you appear healthier, slimmer, younger, more vivacious, more interesting, and exciting - the colors you choose to wear are the richest form of self-expression available to you.”

– Kathryn Kalisz

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According to the institute of color research

The colors we wear not only affect the way we look and feel, they greatly influence the way others respond to us.

Colors can support or oppose how we feel, how we look, and how we are perceived by others. Certain colors can create negative optical illusions on your skin. They can make you look and even feel tired. They can cause your skin to look more yellow, redder, or paler. The appearance of dark circles and even those laugh lines can appear more exaggerated. Personal color analysis helps us avoid these negative color effects.

90 seconds

People make a subconscious judgment about us within 90 seconds.

62-90 percent

Between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on the colors we wear alone.

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"I had a very pleasant experience having my colors analyzed by CanDe Lyons. She took her time and was patient and thorough in helping me understand the process. CanDe has an amazing eye for color and explained how l look healthier in colors that compliment my skin tone. CanDe also has a unique way of making you feel better about yourself, because "your" colors make you look your best!"

Diane G.

Retired Professional

step one

Our work environment

Starting with a neutral environment and full-spectrum lighting, we will systematically go through a series of specially calibrated test drapes, to find the combination of hue, value, and chroma that perfectly harmonizes with your natural coloring.

Personal Color Analysis
Step two

color discovery

As we work through this process, together we will see the effects that different colors have, and you will understand the why behind which colors enhance you and which ones take away from your natural harmony.

Personal color analysis group session
step three

Our results

This process is the most thorough and accurate method and is never based on opinion or personal taste.  The result will be a palette of over 65 colors in one of the 12 seasons that perfectly supports and celebrates your natural beauty.

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Personal Color AnalysisPersonal color analysis group sessionColor matching makeup for personal color analysis